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Cosmetic Dentistry San Francisco

Cosmetic Dentistry San FranciscoIf you feel your smile detracts from your appearance, we can help. Through cosmetic dentistry, the team at our San Francisco dental practice can revitalize your teeth, creating a uniform, bright, white smile. Your smile has a big impact on the impression you make on others as well as your self-confidence; with a smile that you are proud of, you will smile more often, have greater self-esteem, and feel more comfortable in professional and social settings. Whether you are a businessman or woman who wants to put your best foot forward, or you simply would like to correct a cosmetic flaw that you have left untreated, the cosmetic dentistry procedures offered at our San Francisco dental offices make it possible to transform your smile. To find out which treatment options are right for you, read more below and then schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Growney today.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the surfaces of front teeth. Made from porcelain, which reflects light in the same manner as tooth enamel, veneers look completely natural and blend in seamlessly. Though not intended to provide support or add strength to a tooth, veneers do offer tremendous aesthetic benefits, making them a popular choice for individuals looking to mask cosmetic flaws. Common imperfections such as chips, cracks, discoloration, conspicuous gaps, and misalignment can all be concealed through the use of porcelain veneers. Quite simply, veneers are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry options available at our San Francisco practice. Learn More about Porcelain Veneers.


If you suffer from malocclusion (misalignment of the teeth) and are considering orthodontic treatment to correct the condition, Invisalign® “invisible braces” offer perhaps the most convenient, effective, and attractive solution. Consisting of a series of clear plastic trays which are molded to guide the teeth into position over time, the Invisalign® system represents a revolutionary breakthrough in orthodontic treatment. Unlike traditional orthodontic appliances, such as wire-guided braces, Invisalign® trays are metal-free and cam be removed for eating and oral hygiene. And unlike metal braces, they are nearly invisible, allowing individuals to go about their daily routine without embarrassment. Learn More about Invisalign®.

Tooth-colored Fillings

Though we provide several cosmetic dentistry treatments at our San Francisco practice that are purely cosmetic, we also offer cosmetic treatments that improve the health of the teeth. Tooth-colored dental fillings are one such treatment. If a dental cavity is left untreated, bacteria can develop, and the cavity can compromise the strength of the tooth. A tooth-colored filling allows us to seal the cavity inconspicuously, restoring both the strength and the appearance of the tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Healthy, uniform, straight teeth can be marred by discoloration, stains, or a dulling of the enamel. Many of our patients find that a simple tooth whitening treatment is all that is needed to rejuvenate their smiles and enhance their overall appearance. At our dental offices in Marina and Downtown San Francisco, we offer both at-home and in-office teeth whitening systems; our in-office treatment can whiten the teeth by up to eight shades in just 45 minutes. After isolating the teeth from the gum tissue, Dr. Growney applies a whitening gel directly to the teeth and activates its bleaching properties with a proprietary dental lamp. After three 15-minute sessions, the teeth are noticeably brighter, and the results can last for years with proper care.

Dental Bonding

Minor cosmetic flaws, such as small chips and cracks, can be repaired with a dental bonding treatment. This technique involves the direct placement of dental cement to the tooth to correct an aesthetic flaw; once the bonding agent has been applied to the tooth, it is shaped and molded so that it sits flush with the tooth and blends in harmoniously. It is then hardened and polished so that it looks natural. For minor cosmetic flaws calling for an artistic touch-up, dental bonding often provides Dr. Growney with the most control and freedom.

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